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Hopi Tribe Symbol Glossary

Hopi Tribe Symbol Glossary

Hopi Symbol Meanings 

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Below is a glossary to help you better identify some of our more popular Hopi symbols.
Lema's Kokopelli Gallery Hopi Symbol Guide
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Badger Paw Symbol
Badgers are revered as healing animals and as tenacious hunters. Their tracks may signify health and strength. This badger paw Hopi symbol has a prayer feather in the palm.

Hopi Badger Symbol Meaning

Bear Claw Symbol
The bear claw symbol can often represent
 leadership and authority. A bear claw symbol can be mistaken for a badger paw, however, a bear symbol claws are typically shorter than the badger claws.

Hopi Bear Claw symbol

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Beetle Flute Player Symbol
The Hopi beetle flute player symbol...
Hopi Beetle Flute Player Symbol


Butterfly Symbol
The Hopi butterfly symbol is known to represent change and balance.
Hopi Butterfly Symbol

Dawa Sun God Symbol
The Hopi "Dawa" Sun God symbol... 
Hoi Sun God Symbol


Eagle Prayer Feather Symbol
The Hopi eagle prayer feather symbol  has been thought to have powers that guide the mind and body in a direction of hope, courage, and strength. Below are a few examples of Hopi eagle feather symbols.
Hopi Eagle Symbol Meaning

Flute Priest (Kokopelli) Symbol
The Hopi flute priest symbol...
Hopi Flute Priest Symbol

Friendship Symbol
The Hopi friendship symbol is meant to symbolize two hands clasping each other. This symbol is also known as the brotherhood symbol.
Hopi Friendship Symbol Meaning

Kokopelli Kachina Mask Symbol
The Kokopelli Kachina mask symbol is...
Hopi kachina mask symbol

Priest Symbol
The Hopi priest symbol is...
Hopi Priest Symbol Meaning

Kiva Symbol
The Hopi kiva symbol represents the point where people first emerge from darkness to light. The circle motif represents what the Hopi call the sipapu. A kiva is a  ceremonial structure that is usually round and partly underground. Below are two different examples of the Kiva symbol.
Hopi Kiva Symbol Meaning

Lightning Symbol
The Hopi lightning symbol can represent power, or speed, often in reference to the warriors in the Hopi tribe. Below are four different representations of the lightning symbol.
Hopi Lightning symbol meaning

Parrot Symbol
The Hopi parrot symbol is seen  as a directional guardian, associated with the south. Below are two different Hopi parrot symbols.
Hopi Parrot Symbol Meaning

Prayer Feather Symbol
The Hopi prayer feather symbol is a representation of trust, strength, wisdom, freedom, and honor. A very respected symbol.
Hopi Prayer Feather Symbol Meaning

Prayer Stick Symbol
The Hopi prayer stick symbol...
Hopi Prayer Stick Meaning

Quail Symbol
The Hopi quail symbols are considered to represent modesty and humility, as the quail was considered a modest and humble bird. Below are two representations of the hope quail symbol.
Hopi Quail Symbol Meaning

Rain, Rain Cloud Symbol(s)
The Hopi rain and rain cloud symbols are considered a positive symbol to wear and display as water is a substance of life. Below are three different rain cloud symbols on the top row and six different rain symbols on the second row.
Hopi Rain Cloud Symbol Meaning
Hopi Rain Symbol Meaning
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Roadrunner Symbol
The Roadrunner symbol represents speed (despite their small size, roadrunners can run faster than humans,) bravery (roadrunners kill and eat rattlesnakes,) and endurance.
Hopi Roadrunner Symbol Meaning


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Turtle Symbol
The turtle symbol represents mother earth.
Hopi Turtle Symbol Meaning

Whirlwind Symbol
The whirlwind symbols were used to bring rain clouds by the Hopi tribe. Below are 4 different variations of the whirlwind symbol.
Hopi Whirlwind Hopi Meaning

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