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Hopi Earrings

Hopi Sterling Silver Earrings
Authentic Hopi earrings are constructed from two layers of sterling silver. A design is traced on a sheet of silver and is then painstakingly cut out with a jeweler’s saw by hand. This top design layer is then silver soldered to another sheet, the bottom layer, of silver. Texture is then added to the bottom layer in all the open areas of the design using a hammer and a small punch.

The piece is then trimmed to its final shape and size. Next, the assembled item is hammered into its final form, contoured, and blackened to enhance the negative areas of the design. The top surface is then buffed to either a matte-like satin finish or to a mirror-like high polish.

View our entire collection of Hopi sterling silver earrings by Hopi artist, Veryl Pooyouma, below. All Hopi earrings ship free.