The Timeless Art of Jemez Pottery

Jemez pottery from the Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico stands out with its distinctive earth-tone colors and exquisite stone-polished finishes. Jemez artisans are particularly known for their figurative pottery, including storyteller figurines depicting various aspects of Pueblo life and folklore. These pieces are not just decorative; they are a vibrant expression of Jemez’s rich cultural heritage and storytelling tradition. 

At Lema’s Kokopelli, our Jemez pottery collection offers a unique glimpse into this captivating world where the artistry of the past is preserved and celebrated through modern interpretations. From Jemez bowls to seed pots, wedding vases, and figurines, our collection showcases the profound artistry and cultural heritage of this rich Native American community.


The Pueblo of Jemez is located in north-central New Mexico and is one of the remaining 19 pueblos of the state. Known for their deep connection to the land, the Jemez have maintained their pottery traditions through the generations, even in times of adversity. As one of the most powerful Puebloan cultures, early Jemez was known for its pottery, but the decorative art form died out in the mid-18th century. Revived in the mid-20th century by a new generation of artisans, Jemez pottery has experienced a renaissance, becoming a symbol of the pueblo’s resilience and cultural revival.

The traditional techniques of Jemez pottery-making involve gathering local clay from the local landscape and shaping it by hand before it’s fired in outdoor kilns. This process ensures every piece is imbued with the essence of the Jemez Pueblo – its earth, air, and fire. Characterized by a unique blend of traditional and modern styles, Jemez pottery stands out with its distinctive earth-toned colors and intricate pattern designs. 

Jemez Pot

Designs & Distinctions

Renowned for its distinctive style and design, Jemez pottery often features vibrant red, orange, and buff clay colors. Visually striking, they are symbolic of the desert landscape that surrounds the Jemez Pueblo. The pottery also showcases a variety of designs, including floral patterns, animal figures, and geometric shapes – each telling a story of the Jemez culture and their spiritual beliefs. 

Another notable aspect of Jemez pottery is the use of matte finishes combined with polished designs. This creates a contrast that highlights the intricate patterns and skilled artistry of the skilled potters within the Jemez community. The pottery ranges from everyday uses, such as bowls and vases, to more decorative pieces, such as figurines and wall art. This diversity not only reflects the adaptability and creativity of the Jemez artists but offers something special for every collector.  

In recent years, Jemez pottery has seen a blend of traditional and contemporary designs, with artists experimenting with new forms and techniques while respecting their ancestor’s methods. This fusion has made Jemez pottery highly sought after, appealing to both traditionalists and modern art collectors. 

Jemez Pottery at Lema’s Kokopelli

At Lema’s Kokopelli, we take great pride in our diverse collection of Jemez pottery, with each piece hand-selected for its beauty, authenticity, and cultural significance. We invite you to explore our online selection and discover the perfect piece to add to your home or office. Whether you’re an avid collector of Native American art or looking for a meaningful gift, our Jemez pottery offers a blend of beauty, tradition, and contemporary artistry.

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