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Kabana 14k Rose Gold Round Stud Earrings with Inlay Pink Mother of Pearl


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  • Brand: Kabana
  • Kabana Collection: BLUSH
  • Size: 1/4″ Round
  • Precious Metal: 14K Rose Gold
  • Precious Gems: Pink Mother of Pearl



Both contemporary and timeless, this beautiful pink mother of pearl inlay set in rose gold creates a warm and glowing effect that compliments any skin tone. Kabana sources this vibrant gem, with the richest pink colors from the pristine waters of North America.

Add a piece of Kabana Jewelry to your collection today to be enjoyed for generations.

Kabana was founded by Stavros Eleftheriou in 1975. Housed in what was once an old mission church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this historic building is now home to the skilled goldsmiths and craftspeople that make Kabana’s distinctive Collections. Kabana, renowned and undisputed Master of Inlay, is one of the few jewelry manufacturing companies in the United States that does not outsource any portion of our product. From the drawing table to finish, each piece is produced entirely in the United States. Our innovative design team creates pieces of exquisite beauty. Our artisans not only utilize the traditional methods of inlay but also take it to new heights of expertise. It is the combination of contemporary design, time-honored methods and our state of the art production facility that results in Kabana’s Collections.



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