A Timeless Expression of Native American Art

Handed down through generations, the art of jewelry-making among the Zuni people embodies a deep historical and spiritual legacy. As renowned artisans, they craft their myths, beliefs, and connections to the natural world into exquisite inlay jewelry that features a harmonious fusion of vibrant gemstones and intricate designs. Under their expert touch, gemstones and silverwork come to life, with each piece telling a story and evoking a sense of elegance and cultural significance.

The Artistry of Zuni Jewelry

Zuni jewelry is renowned for its intricate craftsmanship, impeccable attention to detail, and the use of vibrant, natural materials. For the Zuni people, jewelry-making is not just a craft but a form of expression deeply rooted in their belief systems and cultural identity. Turquoise, often referred to as the “Sky Stone,” holds a special place in Zuni culture and is used extensively in their jewelry creations. It is believed to connect the physical and spiritual worlds, bringing protection and healing to its wearer. Central to this cultural expression is the art of silversmithing, which harnesses intricate techniques, transforming pieces into breathtaking designs that complement the natural beauty of their gemstone inlays.

Discovery Handcrafted Zuni Jewelry at Lema's Kokopelli

At Lema’s Kokopelli, we offer a wide array of Zuni jewelry that captures the spirit of the Southwest and the profound cultural heritage of the Zuni people. From delicate turquoise and coral inlay work to distinctive and highly sought-after cluster designs, our collection features the exceptional skills of Zuni artists, with each piece bearing a signature blend of tradition and contemporary artistry.


When you choose a piece from our store, you’re not only acquiring a stunning piece of jewelry, you’re also paying tribute to the artisans of a rich cultural legacy that spans centuries. We invite you to explore our online collection, where you will find an extensive selection of Zuni jewelry that captures the essence and spirit of the Zuni people. Whether you are a seasoned collector or someone looking for a meaningful and unique gift, our Zuni jewelry collection offers something for everyone.